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9- 242 threadlock blue anaerobic thread lock sealant loctite equiv. StarLoc industrial adhesive glue

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10ml bottle of standard strength threadlock ( nutlock , nut lock )

Threadlock ( industrial anaerobic thread lock and sealant ) for all metal bolts, threads, nuts studs

Standard strength anaerobic cure threadlock sealant  , blue, removable with hand tools , thread lock and seal compound for threadlocking all metal parts, gel non drip formula

Single part thread sealant threadlock product for locking all threaded parts such as nuts and bolts against vibration loosening and fatigue / wear and to seal threads against leakage of fluids or gasses

This nut lock / nutlock / threadlock has the added advantage against mechanical locking, not only being higher performance, lower cost it also stops leakage of fluids and gasses past the threads, as well as preventing any build up of corrosion between the two threaded parts.

Used correctly, threadlockers are 100% reliable unlike other methods of locking ( lock washers, split pins, nylon insert nuts etc... ) and because you can cut down on parts you can lower the costs of an item.

  • More reliable than traditional methods of thread locking and sealing, such as lock washers and nuts.
  • Easier to use, single part thredalock , no activator required
  • Lower cost due to reduced parts.

Starloc threadlockers cure with contact with metals and with the the absence of air.

Many other brands of threadlockers won't cure on plated metals or stainless steel etc.

Starloc's unique formulations will cure fully even on stainless steel or chrome plate rapidly, when you need it.

Grade 9-242 NUT LOCK
Colour BLUE
viscosity cPs 1200 GEL
Max gap fill mm 0.1 mm

max operating temp when set(continuous)

160 degrees C
Sheer strength 12 N/mm2
Breakaway torque 17-22 Nm
Prevailing torque 5-8 N/mm2
Cure time initial 2-3 min
Cure time 25C full strength  1-24 hours
Benefits / uses Ideal for general locking and sealing of threadaed parts that may need to be removed suitable for use on as recieved parts, oil tolerant to surface contamination


MPN: SL9242Z10G
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9- 242 threadlock blue anaerobic thread lock sealant loctite equiv. StarLoc industrial adhesive glue

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