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Acrylic sga methacrylate toughened adhesives

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A range of acrylic and methacrylic adhesives for use on most surfaces
Methacrylates are used in similar applications to an epoxy resin glue, but with better bonding to difficult surfaces and in harsh conditions
Ideal for bonding surfaces such as metals, most plastics glass and compostites

We make a range of grades from thin to thick, some in a gel grade, some clear some coloured, specificaly talored grades for superior bonds in specific applications, as well as a range of general purpose multi surface bonders

For uv cure, see uv cure catagory, these products are either 2 component ( to be mixed ), 2 part ( spray and adhesive apply one to each surface ) and honeymoon cure adhesives ( apply one resin componet to each surface and press together , no mix! all parts will cure! )

Available in a range of types from 2 component mix together types, to 2 part no mix, single part with activator spray, UV cure etc

Our range includes grades from water thin to high viscosity gel grades

In general these adhesives are easier to use as they dont need carefull mixing, they work over a greater temperature range than epoxy glues and they bond better on uncleaned surfaces so surface contamination still usualy allows bonding