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Cellulose dope, shrinking / non shrinking / banana oil, sanding sealer, butyrate dope, crystal clear formula for tissue silk nylon covering model aeroplanes etc. , fivestar dope gives a fuelproof quality finish to any model but is the specialist freeflight and controlline vintage and sports competition finish

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Model covering and craft products,  We manufacture cellulose dope in nitrate ( nitrocellulose ) and butyrate formulations ideal for all model covering and many other craft applications.

Our starspan model covering products dope , thinners and tissue etc are suitable for many uses, but designed for aeromodelling, they give supreme adhesion and long life and clarity of finish to all model coverings, suitable for use on all tissues, StarSpan , jap, modelspan, polyester tissue such as saltzer and polyspan, airspan, silk, nylon, polyfiber, dacron, coverall etc ( all `dopeable` coverings! )

Clear cellulose dope ( Nitrocellulose ( nitrate ) base standard clear dope ) is the UK and europe standard type traditional formula model aircraft dope , available in clear shrinking and non shrinking dope, our formula is fuelproof against diesel fuels and most glow fuels with upto 10% nitromethane, most dopes used are nitrocellulose based

For higher nitromethane fuel resistance use butyrate dope or a fuelproofer

Butyrate clear dope is the USA style cellulose butyrate clear dope for model covering, more comonly used in the states but is now gaining popularity here

Nitrate clear dope  ( Nitrocellulose ) the standard for model covering , is also used for binders for pyrotechnic formulations the nitrocellulose is used due to its flammable properties unlike the butyrate, nitrate shrinking can be used but we have a special gradehere for pyrotechnics just pure nitrocellulose in acetone solution ( not for model making )

Nitrate clear dope is available in clear nitrocellulose / nitrate shrinking, clear non shrinking nitrocellulose / nitrate dope formulas

Banana oil, a very flexible non shrinking type coating with a very sweet smell ( like bananas )

Sanding sealer, for sealing surfaces prior to sanding, cellulose based sanding sealer ( nitrocellulose )

Butyrate clear cellulose dope, fuelproof dope, shrinks but not as much as nitrate / nitrocellulose dope, used a lot in vintage control line competition models

Cellulose dope and paint thinners, ultra high grade, no blooming at all , no toluene or xylene in the formula just cellulose active solvents blended to give a perfect finish every time, our thinners work on all dopes, nitrocellulose ( nitrate ) , acetate, and butyrate dopes

StarSpan  model coverings, UK made! , a high strength model tissue , a quality UK made model aircraft covering, manufactured for aeromodeling We  make this covering in 3 weights 9 gsm , 21 gsm and 40 gsm ,we supply in white and in a range of colours.Designed to work just like modelspan, this tissue has full wet strength and far greater strength than any other tissue due to its special blend of fibers with long fiber technology and super power waterproof binder manufactured with our UK factorys own mill equipment this is designed and manufactured for aeromodeling, however it has many other uses as well, 

You can see a video of us mixing some nitrate  dope on youtube HERE

Update May 2018 , StarSpan dopes and StarSpan tissue available in about 1 month, maybe sooner