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Cyanoacrylate super glue, Cyano Adhesives

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Five Star StarLoc cyano adhesives cyanoacrylate glues and accessories

Fivestar starloc adhesives ( also available branded as instatite ) manufacture the widest range of quality cyanoacrylate / cyano glues / adhesives and accessories to solve all your bonding problems.Suitable for strong bonds on almost any surface, Starloc cyanoacrylates are the worlds best adhesives, available in a wide range of grades from thin wicking grademedium thickness general purpose DIY superglue grade to thick high viscosity gap filling formula grade

We even have superglues that are flexible.... rubber toughened cyanoacrylate Flexy cyano.... an impact resistant superglue known as rubber toughened cyanoacrylate` these are grades for flexible materials or areas needing extra strength,flexibility and impact reststance, thin cyanoacrylate superfast cyano grades , slower thicker gap filling CA grades, Non drip CA gel for non drip on vertical surfaces and small parts, odourless formula foam safe cyano, a superglue that is non blooming / fogging on shiny or clear surfaces and safe for use on even polystyrene type foam without attacking it , we also have super high temperature resistant cyanoacrylate grades.

We also have a range of accessory products for use with cyanoacrylates / superglues ( debonder, structural filler, cyanoacrylate instant set sprays, applicator nozzles and a wide range of caps nozzles bottles etc )

The most universal and highest quality you can buy, we even have a universal repair pack!

We have adhesives Ideal for almost any use including.....wood working, metal craft, industrial assembly,  jewelry manufacturing and repair, taxidermy, pool cue tips,climbing and hiking, automotive car and bike repairs, darts, archery, knife making, mold and pattern making,die making, furniture repair and refinishing, antique repair, auto detailing, dental molds and patterns, ceramic repair......even fishing!... fly line splicing and fly tying etc