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Depron glue depbond foam glue safe for all polystyrene styrofoam fast drying craft rc model adhesive 56ml

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Ultimate foam modeling adhesive, The worlds best foam modelling glue!
Glue For Depron, EPP, EPO, Styrofoam, White foam etc
This quality  foam glue is formulated especially for bonding all foam, designed to give a molecular bond to all types of plastic foam.
Ideal for bonding: EPP , Depron, EPS, Styrofoam, EPO, Elapor , Styrodur etc, This adhesive has super strength on all types of foams
Long shelf life adhesive , will not go off as long as you put the cap back on!, 56ml aluminium tube of foam safe glue, Ideal for depron and other foam models
Safe on all foams , fast drying about 1 minute set, super high tack formula 
Foam safe fast drying waterproof and heat proof adhesive, Sets Clear, Waterproof & Heatproof 
Safe for use on any Styrofoam, Depron, Polystyrene foam, foam board, blue foam, white foam, pink foam, EPO, EPP, as well as most other surfaces such as all woods, balsa, ply, mdf , rubber, stone, cloth, grp, carbon, metals, most plastics  etc
Depbond has a unique formulation , it gives powerful bonds with supreme adhesion to a wide variety of surfaces giving the strongest of bonds every time
Ideal for bonding foam to foam or foam to other materials such as plastics or woods etc

Instructions for use
For best results and strongest bonds spread/brush a thin film of adhesive on the 2 surfaces to be bonded, wait to dry for 30 seconds to 1 minute,  till tacky , then assemble parts , push into position and leave till fully set, the parts will then be firmly bonded with enough strength to break the foam not the glue if pulled apart, but for max strength wait a couple of hours
Clear when set, almost colourless contains no pigments or colouring materials.
Like all our adhesives this product is distributed, formulated, manufactured and packed by high speed automatic filling equipment into tubes by StarLoc / FiveStar adhesives at our factory in Runcorn UK
Depbond , UK made quality universal foam glue for EPP, EPO , Elapor, Depron etc

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Foam glue for all foam 2 foam bonds on epp depron polystyrene foam blue foam

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