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Epoxy resin adhesives and glues

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Epoxy Resin Glues / AdhesivesFlexepoxy twin epoxy flexible adhesive super strength in alloy tubes

Epoxy adhesive in twin bottle pack, clear set industrial strength formula

StarLoc FiveStar Epoxy resin adhesives are Super strength 2 part resin based adhesives, when the components are mixed together the reaction starts, the delay before cure is as listed on the package. After the time has passed the adhesive resin will cure to form a tough super strength bond.

All our epoxy adhesives are solvent free and suitable for use on all surfaces , even solvent sensitive surfaces such as foamed plastics like styrofoam and depron, as well as all other surfaces.

The epoxy adhesive bonds formed are resistant to heat, water ( even hot water and salt water ), most solvents and other chemicals, giving the strongest of bonds in a range of set times.

Epoxy resin adhesive syringes quality epoxy glue from starloc
Epoxy resins give tough heat, light, solvent and chemical resistant bonds on almost any surface, capable of filing gaps due to 2 part formulation they are ideal for filling gaps and even bonding worn out parts

We make a range of epoxy resin adhesives, from standard industrial adhesives and household DIY glues to super impact resistant rubber toughened grades in black and clear formulas.

Epoxy syringe cartridge for manuaal or automatic gun dispenserStarLoc Fivestar adhesives are all manufactured in the UK to the highest of standards.

We package epoxy resins in a range of containers.Bottles, Aluminium squeeze tubes , twin component syringes for hand application, larger twin cartridges for use with gun applicators and tub packs for larger jobs

Epoxy resins are Ideal for bonding all metals, stone, bond, most plastics, rubber, composites, glass, porcelain, crystal etc