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Epoxy resin glue 30 minute set epoxy resin adhesive clear set large pack 8.5 oz uk made

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Epoxy resin glue
Super strength super adhesive
30 minute set epoxy resin adhesive
Clear set, strong and easy to use

  • Clear bond in just 30 minutes ( five minute, 15 , 30 and 60 min also available )
  • Super strength bond
  • Chemical, heat and water resistant adhesive
  • Gap filling stable bonds
  • ideal glue for metals, glass, stone, plastics, wood, grp, carbon, rubber and most other surfaces
  • Industrial formula adhesive
  • Toughened epoxy resin chemistry for the strongest of bonds on almost any surface
Structural epoxy adhesive for  impact resistant bonds on any bondable surface such as All metals, glass, plastics, stone, bone, ceramic, rubber, grp fiberglass, carbon fiber cloth and mouldings, glass cloth, plywood, all woods, mdf, acrylic etc....

Slower set strong epoxy glue bonds in around 30 minutes and it fills gaps with high strength and doesnt melt sensitive materials such as gem stones,jewellery, polystyrene foam or fog glass , shiny surfaces or clear plastics, bonds metals plastics, glass and most other surfaces.

Ideal adhesive product for super strong bonds on metals,wood, stone , glass, ceramics, rubber, most plastics, bone etc

Supplied in twin bottle pack, 8.5oz / 240g pack in bottles with spout applicator, equal mix formulation with inbuilt ability to allow for incorrect mixing so theres no need to be exact with measurements.

Long shelf life, product will last in bottles for many years

Cured resin will hold its strength and colour without deteriorating

Excess resin can be wiped off with most solvents or alcohol ( meths or similar ) before it sets, once set its highly chemical resistant

This super tough formula epoxy is UK manufactured in our own factory

8.5oz pack size 240g contents twin bottle pack

Manufactured and packaged in the UK by StarLoc / FiveStar adhesives

GTIN: 5060287830498
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Epoxy resin glue 30 minute set epoxy resin adhesive clear set large pack 8.5 oz uk made

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