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FuzeNBondz S 2 part NO MIX Methacrylate adhesive for ABS , plastics, perspex woods metals grp etc

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Standard speed cure no mix acrylic

Once parts are contacted, the adhesive will get initial strength in 10-30 of minutes and 90% of strength 3-7 hours, maximum strength 7 days

( also availble in fast set )

 A simple to use specialist adhesive that we have manufactured since 1994 , this adhesive is one of the best products for bonding thermoplastics such as ABS , GRP, Carbon and Perspex ( PMMA ) to themselves and to other surfaces such as steel, aluminium and most other substrates, on thermoplastics such as high impact styrene, ABS, PETG, Perspex the adhesive literaly welds and bonds the surfaces together providing the strongest of bonds between similar and dissimilar surfaces, its great for bonding multi surfaces, the most universal of adhesives! ( apart from polyethylene, silicone, ptfe or polypropylene, for these a surface primer is needed ) 

Reactive acrylic adhesive ( SGA methacrylates ) are great for bonding in areas that cant be cleaned, unlike most other glues they will bond to surfaces with higher levels of oils , grime and dirt, they bond over a wider tempoerature range and once set they take a wider temperature range without failing, this product once set will take -80C to 130C continuous, it is fully water resistant and resists most chemicals, solvents and salt water etc

2 bottle pack, one of glue and one of primer, no need to mix, coat one on each surface and it will not set until parts contact, glue can be left for 10 minutes or more after application, before joining parts, no need to rush, no chance of skin bonding and its chemical and heat resistant.

Colour of the adhesive when set is a dark red/pink//brown when set, flou.pink on application before it sets, apply a drop of adhesive to one surface ( do not spread out glue, it will self spread )

The other bottle contains the activator primer ( component b ), this should be applied in the same way as part a, to the other side

Once parts are contacted, the adhesive will get initial strength in 10-30 of minutes and 90% of strength 3-7 hours, maximum strength 7 days

The formula is far easier to use than an epoxy glue and stronger!, NO NEED TO MIX, NO RATIOS TO BOTHER ABOUT! . Gives bond strengths many times greater than most epoxy resin based adhesive

for close fitting parts up to 0.5mm gap

Adhesive contains no solvents, it doesnt shrink on setting, and stored at cool room temperature ( out of direct sunlight ) it should last over 2 years, stored cold it will last longer upto 7 years!

NOTE ( bottles come labeled!, with instructions etc ) photo taken to show colour of glue , ...labeled photos to follow

Primer with brush applicator and adhesive in bottle with nozzle applicator

50ml total pack size

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