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July 2014

Safe on all foams and bonds all foams, epp,depron, eps, epo plus all woods, metals, glass, most plastics
Clear set adhesive sor most surfaces, super strength, clear glue , 5 to 10 minute set
Ideal for parts with sliding fit and has ability to fill gaps

January 2014, New products launched at Spielwarenmesse Nurenburg 2014 listed here soon

September 2013


MicroBrush Applicators
Microbrush applicators are ideal for accurate placement of adhesives, paints and glues , not as fine as a micro glue nozzle but still they have many uses, the end of the micro brush is bendable to make access to parts easier if required.

3 sizes available, Regular ( 2mm ), Fine ( 1.5mm ) and SuperFine ( 1mm ), colour of handle varies!

Available in packs of 10, click here for microbrush listing


Yet more applicators!

We think you can never have enough different applicators, everyone has there favorite type , so we have a few more types to list today, many more types to list at a later date.

micro drop glue applicator cyano glue nozzlesNano drop tips extra long.
Very, very fine nozzles for on adhesive bottles, around 7cm  length, allow very very small quantities of adhesive to be dispensed and give extra long reach
Supplied in packs of 3

adhesive applicator nozzle uk for adhesives such as thin cyanoUltra micro drop tips. 
Very, very fine nozzles for on adhesive bottles, around 4cm in length, allow very very small quantities of adhesive to be dispensed.
Supplied in packs of 3

micro drop nozzles for all gluesMicro drop tips. 
Very fine nozzles for on adhesive bottles, around 3cm in length, allow very very small quantities of adhesive to be dispensed.
Supplied in packs of 5

Epoxy resin non drip gel adhesives
Epoxy resin adhesives are usually very thick by design, however they may still run if applied to a gap that is too large or to a vertical or overhead surface, our new epoxy gel thixotropic adhesives are the answer to this problem, 
Ideal for overhead or vertical surfaces, or extra gap fill requirements

Now available in 2 minute, 15 minute, 30 minute and 60 minute formulas in twin syringe applicators
click on speed for item page link

August 2013


Its been a long time since we regularly listed any new products listed here....
We have many new products ready to launch , some will be listed over the next few weeks , however some are designed for a specific market sector and will be listed shortly before a relevant trade show , some will be listed shortly after the product launch at the relevant trade show, some will be listed normally on here at other dates!

April 2013


More Applicators!, We have so many applicators in stock, many not listed so we are trying to list some more every now and then!

Micro tip syringe kit, pin point nozzle applicator syringes 3 pack
A kit of 3 chemical resistant syringes , ( 2ml , 5ml and 10ml ) and 3 sizes of blunt stainless steel tip micro needles ( 21g , 25g and 30g )
Our normal blunt needles are 18g ( small enough for most uses! ), but these needles are very very small! , 21g is smaller than the 18g, 25g is much smaller again and even even smaller is the 30g, our smallest needle applicator so far.

Click HERE for listing

Ultra mIcro glue nozzles for bottles
Sub micro size glue applicator nozzles, extender tips for most bottles, push onto your bottle and give and even smaller size tip than our yellow micro applicator nozzles, our yellow tips are used by most people but some customers have asked we list these online for purchase instead of needing to call at our works or by phone

Pack of 5 ultra micro nozzles, click HERE for listing


PinPoint applicator bottles, ideal for pin point application of most products suitable for solvents, water, chemicals, adhesives, glues, plastic cement, paints etc, each bottle is fitted with a metal needle nozzle and overcap, supplied with 2 spare needle tips.
Click here for listing 15ml
Click here for listing 20ml
Click here for listing 100ml


Sponge wipe kit
For chemicals, water based products, paints, primers, activators and cleaners etc
A kit of chemical resistant sponge wipes, approximately 100mm long handle with a 12mm diameter 20mm long foam wipe on the end, Supplied with 10ml chemical resistant syringe and a 25ml chemical resistant pot.
Kit of 3 wipes, 1 pot and 1 syringe, Click HERE for product listing



Some Dedicated RC modeling products, But also suitable for other uses!

Full Write up and listed to buy in the shop later today!


An extra light weight indestructible filer for foam modeling!
Ideal for constructing or repairing components that suffer from impacts during use, the `BounceBack`formula of this product will allow its use to replace even large areas of model components such as EPP model aircraft structures, tougher than EPP!
This amazing product can even be used to fabricate pares for RC planes leaving a beadless structure similar to EPP but with greater strength! CLICK HERE FOR LISTING

A specially formulated brushable thick coating of similar nature to Bounce , this product is designed to coat areas of soft modeling foams to toughen and reinforce the structure, gives a surface that will accept most paints
A coat of EpCoat to a foam model will penetrate the surface and bond the beads of foams like Epp and EPS together to foam an extra tough surface skin that resists damage on impact with the floor or other objects. CLICK HERE FOR LISTING

Some of our new products for February 2013
4/2/2013   -   18.47 PM

epoxy resin mixing pot container tubs plasticEpoxy mixing pots
2 types of epoxy mixing pots ideal for accurate mixing of all epoxy resin glues

25ml graduated plastic mixing pots for resin adhesives, clear with moulded in markings, moulded from non stick clear polypropylene.   Click HERE

Also available 28ml non graduated mixing pots.   Click HERE

Click here for applicators section
02/2/2013   -   23.19 PM
Anodised glue tube adapters
Our precision turned metal adaptor nozzle and micro extender tip for aluminium glue tubes are now available in range of colours.

Available coloured as Bright silver, Titanium, Gold, Purple, Bright Blue, Lilac, Green, Orange, Red....Other colours to follow.

Ideal for all our aluminium adhesive tubes, nozzle screws to tube and allows fitting of either plastic needle point tip ( type 2 as in photo ) or metal hypodermic needles ( type 1 not shown here )

Kits contain screw on adaptor and 3 precision nozzle tips, click HERE for product listing
01/2/2013   -   00.01 AM

CryCrystar wood finish resin pour on self leveling coatingstar, Crystal clear wood coating resin wood finish
A specially formulated wood coating for all wood craft, furniture wood turning etc, pour on self levelling formula. Easy to use.

Click HERE for product listing

Some of our new products for January 2013

26/1/2013   -   18.03 PM
Snooker or pool cue tip 10 second set adhesive
High strength impact resistant rubber toughened adhesive formulated for pool or snooker cue tips, 5 to 10 second set time.
20g bottle

Snooker or pool cue tip 1 to 2 minute set adhesive
High strength impact resistant adhesive for pool or snooker cue tips, 1 to 2 minutes set time.

28ml tube

Click HERE to see the Snooker & pool adhesive listings section

26/1/2013   -   09.07 AM

Golf-Master shafting adhesive / glue for golf club repair & construction.
3 types of professional adhesive, single part and  twin component in fast or slow formulas. Designed to take up any gaps in the joint without loosing strength giving a tough impact resistant due to carbon and rubber reinforcement that gives a structural bond to almost any surface including carbon, steel, aluminium, titanium, composites etc.

Rapid-Shafting, Fast-Shaft and Slow-Shaft adhesives see the Golf-Master page

Click HERE for the golf shafting adhesives range.
25/1/2013   -   17.20 PM

cyano remover wipes debonder cloths unstick glue and adhesivesUn-Stick ` Cyano Wipes ` glue removal wipes These specially manufactured wiping cloths are infused with a developed blend of agents designed to remove all super glues / cyanoacrylates easily in just a few seconds, remove drips, spills and lumps of cured adhesive quickly.

supplied in a resealable storage tub with full instructions.

Click HERE for product listing
24/1/2013   -   23.37 PM

epoxy mixing nozzles for 50ml cartridge adhesives and gluesEpoxy mixing nozzles for 50ml cartridges
Designed for use with our aerospace formula epoxy adhesive supplied in 50ml epoxy gun cartridges , these nozzles fit to the end and mix the adhesive.

For product listing click HERE
24/1/2013   -   9.17 PM

xtalwaterz ( crystal waters ) scenic water simulation for scale modelsXtalWaterz TM 
Something for the scale modeller!
A new range of scenic products for miniaturists from StarScene!

Formulated to give realistic scenic water effect on scale models, ideal for simulating lakes, rivers, ponds, water in sinks and baths etc

Click HERE for product listing
24/1/2013   -   8.39 PM

micro-pipette-applicators-solvent-adhesive-safe-cyano-saversMicro tip Pipette dispensers / applicators
Very fine micro nozzle pipettes , manufactured to give accurate dispensing of products such as our PolyWeld and MekWeld solvent weld adhesives, they are also used by some people with thin cyanoacrylate adhesive.

Click HERE for product listing

large size adhesive applicator nozzle Applicator nozzles for larger bottles
These micro tip nozzles are manufactured to fit our larger size bottle caps such as the ones fitted on our aliphatic resin and PVA wood glues.

Click HERE for product listing

24/1/2013   -   8.10 AM

Joint doctor furniture repair compound, ideal for wonky chairs loose table legs etcJoint Doctor
Especially formulated furniture repair system
Repairs loose joints on wooden furniture quickly and easily without any dismantling....no need to take things apart!
Simply apply to the joint and `Joint Doctor` will penetrate the joint restore the loose fits and freeze the joint to remove the wobble,This product takes about 20 minutes to set so loads of time to do the whole job and check its straight before sets, drips or spills can be washed off before they dry.

Click HERE to view product listing

22/1/2013   -   11.30 PM 

Chemical resistant syringes and other applicators
Syringes, needles, resin mixing sticks added see our adhesive applicator page

19/1/2013   -   12.18 PM 

Conservation cement adhesive
A non yellowing museum quality conservation adhesive packed into aluminium tubes
Ideal for repairs to Jewellery, pottery, wood, metal, ivory, glass and most other surfaces
Gives superior bonds to metals such as copper, brass, bronze,  precious metals etc

View product listing HERE

19/1/2013   -   09.10 AM 

Micro applicator nozzles and adaptor for aluminium glue tubes
Micro fine dispensing from an aluminium tube at last!

Manufactured on our own automatic turning machines to fit our aluminium tube adhesives , available in 2 types one with a micro needle and one with a yellow plastic applicator tip.

Precision turned components designed and manufactured in the UK by StarLoc Adhesives

Micro nozzle for aluminium tube adhesives takes standard hypodermic needles for superglue epoxy conservation cements restoration etc
Type 1, Micro applicator supplied with needle tip
Screw on precision nozzle with blunt hypodermic needle for precision adhesive dispensing from most aluminium tubes to give the tiniest of drops as required.
Ideal for jewellery , conservation, model building , electronics etc
Extra needles are available in a range of sizes

Click here to view product listing

Micro nozzle for aluminium tube adhesives takes standard hypodermic needles for superglue epoxy conservation cements restoration etcType 2, Micro applicator supplied with precision plastic nozzle
Screw on precision nozzle with precision plastic nozzle tip for precision adhesive dispensing from most aluminium tubes to give the tiniest of drops as required.
Ideal for jewellery , conservation, model building , electronics etc

Extra micro nozzles are available

Click here to view product listing

New products for December 2012

Fuel tank sealer for classic restoration
Ideal for classic bikes, cars, tractors, boats and other items, ideal for sealing leaky metal fuel ,oil or water tanks
Unlike some other methods of sealing this tank sealer is safe for use with all types of petrol, up to 100% alcohol, diesel, oils , salt and fresh water etc

To see the product listing click HERE