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Odourless Cyano THIN foam safe cyanoacrylate solvent free instant glue shiny surface non frosting

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SAFE ON ALL FOAMS, ODOURLESS FORMULA CONTAINS NO SOLVENTS, so strong its like a liquid weld on all surfaces 

This amazing product works like a liquid weld on most surfaces, infact....on all surfaces apart from the difficult to bond plastics such as polyethylene, polypropylene and silicone ( to bond the difficult plastics simply use our plastic primer )

Bonds all..... Foams ( polystyrene / depron / styrodur / styrofoam / epp etc... ) , Metals, Ceramics, Rubber, Stone, Precious metals, Bone, Woods, Leather etc....

No melting foams, no irritant vapours and no fogging of shiny or clear surfaces


This glue works as any other industrial cyano / superglue type, it bonds all the normal materials, balsa, wood, ply, metals, glass, ceramics, rubber etc,

it also bonds all ppolystyrene foams, white, blue , pink or depron!

This glue is of the highest quality available, we are one of the uks largest manufacturers of quality specialist adhesives.

odourless cyano instant adhesive!, with shelf life of up to 7 years

This adhesive is widly used by many industrial and retail customers for its non fogging properties on shiny materials such as perspex

another main use is for indoor / outdoor model aircraft made from depron or another polystyrene foam

This adhesive has a shelf life of up to 7 years!, and is the best that you can buy!

This adhesive is 100% water proof due to the high purity and special formulation

This adhesive will bond all woods , metals, most plastics,glass, ceramics, grp, bone, stone, plexiglass, paxolin,leather,crystal,plywood, balsawood and most other materials., even polystyrene foam and depron

ideal for craft, hobby, modeling, home repair, automotive repair, industrial fabrication and repair, boats , model boats, model car tyres, composite construction, toolmaking etc

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Odourless Cyano THIN foam safe cyanoacrylate solvent free instant glue shiny surface non frosting

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