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Polystyrene foam eps, epp and depron glues

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Depron foam, polystyrene foam and other foam safe adhesives and glues

Adhesives for expanded foams such as polystyrene foam and depron foams, also suitable for polyurethane and flexible rubber foams etc

Depbond™ foam glue

Single part contact cement safe for use on all foams, bonds balsa, plywood, hardwood, softwood, metals, plastics, rubber and all foams,contains no pigments or colourants, drys clear, flexible and impact resistant giving super strength bonds on all foams

iNSTATiTE™ Odourless cyanoacrylate superglue safe for all foam such as depron, polystyrene , styrodur, eps etc

 Foam safe grade of superglue cyano, fast bonds on all normal surfaces such as most plastics all foams, balsa and other woods, metals, rubber and glass , unlike standard superglues this has no odour and does not `fog` shiny surfaces due to lack of vapour. Does not melt any foam plastics such as polystyrene, depron, epp, styrofoam etc, drys flexible and impact resistant unlike other brands of odourless foam safe cyano available in thin wicking formuls, medium slight gap fill grade and thick gap filling grade odourless cyano ca cyanoacrylate glues and adhesives

Xzel™ foam glue adhesive

A flexible adhesive suitable for use on nearly any surface, solvent free safe on all foams, drys flexible and impact resistant

All our epoxy adhesives are also suitable for use on all foams such as Depron , EPS, EPP etc