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Superglue remover cyano debonder adhesive remover 25ml glue superglue cyanoacrylate unstick un-stick

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Superglue remover Cyano Debonder 


Fast action glue removal formula

Super glue remover, cyano debonder for all superglues

Unstick removes super glue and cyanoacrylate based adhesives , as well as many other adhesives in seconds , ideal for removing glue from most surfaces.

Unstick debonder is especially good for Superglue ( industrial name cyanoacrylate or cyano adhesives and glues ) , it will deactivate and remove cured glues in a few seconds , from thin smears to large amounts of glue it will remove the glue easily and quickly

25ml bottle

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super glue remover cyano debonder glue remover is a powerfull superglue adhesive remover for most adhesives but especialy good for cyanoacrylate superglue cyano

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