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thin cyano thin cyanoacrylate adhesives industrial superglue wicking grdae , thin cyano for bonding most surfaces, ideal for model hobby craft industria home diy automotive ect, thin cyanoacrylate is a super power adhesive suitable for use on wood, metals, glass, ceramics, rubber, plastics, neoprene, stone, bone, taxidermy

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Thin cyano glues ( thin cyanoacrylate ) Adhesives from starloc, fivestar cyanoacrylates™ are now also branded as instatite™ , we have been using this brand across the world some time and now the brand is being supplied as a standard fivestar™ brand for our thin medium and thick grade industrial high grade ca / cyano / cyanoacrylates along side our fivestar products brand

Cyanaoacrylate adhesives ( ca glues) are single component high strength industrial adhesives, suitable for bonding virtualy anything to anything in any combination!, our thin cyano grade will wick between preassembled parts to give rapid bonds in seconds giving the best of bonds virtualy instantly!

Being high purity grade cyanoacrylates fivestar thin cyano and instatite thin cyanoacrylate adhesives are solvent and water free glues. Cyanoacrylates cure to a high strength resin bond in a short time after the parts are assembled in close contact and held still, or when applied to preassembled parts and the adhesive stops running into the joint, the bond is widly used in industry for rapid assembly , automotive and model making for strong bonds and DIY for home care precision bonding

Available as thin cyano wicking grade for close fitting parts , medium cyano ( also available ) grades as a universal grade adhesive and the thick cyano ( also available )glue is a high gap filling grade to give more time for assembly and slower set time.